COJECO (Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations) is the central coordinating body of the Russian Jewish community of NY that was formed in 2001 to facilitate the successful integration of Russian-speaking Jews into the greater American Jewish community, while preserving our unique cultural heritage. Today COJECO supports 33 Russian Jewish member organizations, as well as  represents the community and advocates for its needs.

COJECO serves as a bridge between the Russian Jewish community and the American Jewish community by providing: – Informal Jewish education – Leadership training – Assistance to American Jewish organizations in developing culturally sensitive and appropriate programs for Russian-speaking Jews. – Assistance to its member organizations with program development, financial assistance, and educational resources.


BluePrint Fellowship Feb 13, 2014 Applications are now open to creative Russian-speaking Jews who have completed the COJECO BluePrint Fellowship and are interested in collaborating in teams of 3-5 alumni to create a large-scale Jewish community projects. Learn more and apply by March 28, 2014!


SlingShotFund.org Nov 5, 2013: COJECO has been named one of the nation’s 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits in Slingshot ’13-‘14, a resource guide for Jewish innovation.